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New patient exams, chiropractic adjustments, consultations, re-evaluation exams and all therapy appointments (Decompression, ART, Graston, Therapeutic Exercise, KT Taping, Nasal Release, etc) fall under the chiropractic category.

Massage Therapy

30, 45, 60, 75, 90 Minutes session that can be customized to your desire. Whether you're looking for the traditional turn down the lights and relax or a much more goal-oriented therapy approach we've got you covered. Massage therapy can help relieve stress and bring your world back to center. As well as improve your range of motion and stimulate recovery from injuries.

Jeff graduated from the School of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia, with an interest in Physical Sciences. He obtained his Massage Therapy license from the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage and uses different modalities including facial deep tissue, swedish relaxation, and cranial sacral therapies, along with other wholistic approaches to provide symptom relief. His ambition has always been to help others and facilitate their healing. Through his own emotional and spiritual growth, Jeff has developed a gift of intuition to assist him with his work of transformation. He has worked in Chronic Pain Management for over 10 years. Jeff studied Osteopathic Manual Practice at the Canadian College of Osteopathy and he is currently studying Osteodouce, a gentle form of Osteopathy performed remotely. He also studied Energy Kinesiology, which influenced him to learn the relationship of energy through the Chinese Medicine System and later become a Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist, and QiGong Practitioner. Jeff strives to help facilitate a healthier, happier you. His desire to learn and his passion to heal, allow him to continually grow and augment your healing.

Jeff graduated from the School of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia, with an i... Read More

Dr. Melissa Manilla’s passion for health and wellness started as a child, when she considered reading nutrition labels a fun task. Her lifelong love for nutrition and wellness began her academic career, as she studied Human Nutrition and Exercise Science at The Ohio State University. While in her undergraduate studies, her desire to become a physician led her to National University of Health Sciences where she completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. While in the midst of her chiropractic coursework she realized she wanted to further study the world of nutrition and Functional Medicine. This led her to pursue a Master’s of Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine through University of Western States, of which she graduated with distinction. She will sit for the Certified Clinical Nutritionist exam later this year. Throughout her schooling she also found a love for acupuncture, which led her to complete over 300 hours of acupuncture coursework and certifications. With acupuncture, she can treat both musculoskeletal and internal medicine conditions. Dr. Manilla is also trained in cupping therapy as an adjunct to her care.

Throughout chiropractic school, she completed various certifications and attended numerous seminars to enhance her clinical knowledge. She has attended almost every Apex Energetics Functional Medicine seminar focusing on endocrinology, thyroid conditions, neurological health, and blood work analysis. She has spent many hours at nutrition conferences, acupuncture seminars and functional medicine forums giving her a specialty of internal medicine. Her passions include autoimmune diseases, infertility, thyroid ailments, gut conditions, and clinical weight control.

She has also completed many musculoskeletal based seminars including McKenzie Method Seminars A-D. This specific training modality allows her to functionally move people out of pain quickly while utilizing their own musculoskeletal movements to heal themselves. She also has certifications in Fascial Distortion Model, a soft tissue modality, and Rocktape, a taping technique to optimize motion and healing. Along with these certifications, she has completed many hours of Motion Palpation Institute training allowing her to utilize manipulations as a primary treatment and return to function.

Dr. Melissa also has a deep love for travel in order to learn about other cultures; she has been to 21 countries and recently volunteered in South Africa and Peru working with childcare and healthcare respectively. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé and dog, especially outside in the sunshine or in the kitchen. She loves trying new things and meeting new people, and is always ready for any type of adventure.

Dr. Melissa Manilla’s passion for health and wellness started as a child, when she considered rea... Read More

Dr. Sara Perry is originally from Springfield, Ohio. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance at Kent State University. She began dancing at a young age, and she has traveled to several venues across the country and internationally in Italy to study dance, as well as performed with several professional companies based in Ohio and Missouri. She developed her passion for chiropractic during her time as a professional dancer when she realized the value of proper function and efficient movement in her performance. She then went on to earn her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at Logan University. She has worked with local dancers to develop rehabilitation programs unique to their needs, as well as worked with a variety of professional and semi-professional athletes based in St. Louis. Dr. Perry works with patients of all stages of life from infants to older adults, sometimes requiring gentle adjusting techniques. She has studied extensively under the ICPA (chiropractic pediatric) organization and enjoys working with pregnant women and children as a subspecialty.

From her personal experience receiving regular adjustments starting around ten years old and over her professional dance career, she feels that chiropractic is a necessity for optimal wellness throughout the body, as moving efficiently is key to leading a pain-free, enjoyable life. She uses a variety of high and low force adjustments and soft tissue techniques, including Active Release Technique (ART) to correct misalignments and improve function and to encourage the body to heal itself through the power of the nervous system. Dr. Perry has a passion for helping people who are experiencing pain and is excited to work with patients to empower them to live their best life.

Dr. Sara Perry is originally from Springfield, Ohio. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Danc... Read More

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